Thank you for your interest in this key leadership role at Rochford District Council and Brentwood Borough Council.

Our new Strategic Director & Deputy Chief Executive will play a highly involved role in a complex and rewarding journey, as we pursue a radical and ambitious change programme to combine the resources of our organisations so that we can achieve more together for our residents. This is an ideal opportunity to enhance your corporate leadership experience.

Rochford and Brentwood have embarked on an ambitious partnership which is good for our councils, good for our residents, good for our staff and could be good for you. Such a time of change presents complex but rewarding professional challenges, and there will be no doubt that you will have plenty of opportunities to develop and diversify your skills while also drawing on your own expertise and experience to date.

This is a really important role within the councils. Highly developed leadership and relationship building skills will be central to success. It’s important that you can bring clarity of direction and purpose to others and ensure that colleagues understand the rationale for and potential of change, as well as their role in getting us to our destination.

 Jonathan Stephenson
I look forward to receiving your application.
Jonathan Stephenson
Joint Chief Executive

The councils have engaged Solace in Business to support this important appointment. You are encouraged to contact them on 020 7976 3311 to discuss the role in more detail.